Ouray Ice

Ouray Ice Climbing
Climbing in the Ouray Ice Park.

Yesterday a sparkling new Sony A900 24mp SLR camera arrived via Fedex, with a few lenses, so today I figured I’d go take it for a spin. What better place to go on a cloudy day than the Ouray Ice Park, just a few blocks from my house? See a few more photos below.

Ouray Ice Climbing

Ouray Ice Park

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently. Indeed, I haven’t been DOING much recently, except sitting at the computer day and night for over a week straight, building websites. But it’s been good, because the weather has been so disturbingly warm and spring-like for the last few weeks that the snowboarding hasn’t been too tempting. So I’ve gotten a lot of work done, finished a couple long overdue websites, and am finally caught up and on schedule again. I still have some very busy months ahead of me, with over 10 websites queued up already. Nevertheless, I’ve been realistic with my scheduling, so I will be able to get out more regularly for some backpacking and photography again. And hopefully some more snowboarding if it ever snows again…

The last month has been so warm it is worrisome. Sure the warmth is nice… in APRIL!!! Wearing t-shirts in Ouray in February is not nice, it is disconcerting, especially when it’s like this for weeks on end. We can only hope that this is just Colorado weather wackiness, and not a deeper problem with global warming. Meanwhile, the snowpack is turning to mush, and the ice in the ice park looked positively soggy today. WINTER, WHERE ARE YOU? COME BACK!

5 thoughts on “Ouray Ice

  1. Congrats on the new toy. I’m not far behind. I seriously considered the Sony, but with the glass already in my bag, my 5D Mark II arrives tomorrow… 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new rig – you are the gear king! I can’t wait to see a monster print. Errrr…..maybe I can because I’ll get the pixel fever.

    Cool images – I love that 1st one.

  3. Jack,

    Glad to see you posting again and it’s also good to see ice still left in Ouray…I was wondering what the park was looking like these days. Supposedly storms are heading Colorado’s way in March sometime…I just hope cold accompanies it. Congrats on the A900…why did you choose the Sony path? Also, what will happen to your E-420 setup? Again, good to see you posting again.

  4. Thanks fellas.

    Justin – I chose the Sony path mainly because I was very impressed by A900 sample files that I inspected from various review sites. The amount of detail is phenomenal for an SLR. I’m also a sucker for “great” lenses, and that pretty much narrowed the field (amongst the high mp contenders) to Nikon and Sony (with the Zeiss lenses). Since Nikon has no regular sized 24mp camera on the market yet, that left me with one option. Also, I suppose I was influenced be the plethora of positive reviews about the A900.

    Not sure what I’m going to do with the E-420 setup now. I still love that camera and especially the 12-60mm lens. I’ll probably end up putting it on ebay though, eventually, since I don’t need two dSLRs. I’m also interested in what they come up with for the micro-4/3 system, as that would be an even better super-light option.

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