Our Big Day!

Claudia and Jack Brauer
Jack & Claudia Brauer. Photo by Melissa Plantz.

On August 4, Claudia and I got married! We had a small but immensely fun wedding ceremony and party here in Ouray. I want to give a big THANKS to all our family and friends that came to celebrate with us; and for those who couldn’t make it – we missed you but we will celebrate together soon!

It still amazes me how our paths from America and Germany crossed in the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru two years ago. Crossed, and joined for good! I am forever grateful for that fateful trip, and I look forward to many adventures to come with Claudia – my friend, my partner, and now… my wife!

44 thoughts on “Our Big Day!

  1. Congratulations Jack and Claudia! What a beautiful couple!
    I wish you both much happiness and new nice adventures.

  2. Jack, I’ve known you for almost 34 years now…and I am sooo glad that you went to Peru. I can’t imagine how you could have found a more perfect match for your adventurous lifestyle. I’m tickled that your special day finally came! (In my own and extended family, we now have 2 birthdays, one engagement day, and one wedding day on August 4…you picked a VERY good day!)

  3. Jack and Claudia… CONGRATULATIONS!! You two make a wonderful looking couple!!. I wish you all the best of life and love for both of you!! Married life is awesome.. I am telling you from experience!! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Jack! How wonderful to meet someone who shares your passions!! Best of luck to you both!!

  5. Alles Gute Euch Beiden! (I’m sure Claudia will tell you what it means! 😉 )

    Here’s to many more adventures for the two of you, and I’m not talking about marriage (per se)!

  6. Jack,

    Congratulations, man! I wish you two a life of awesome photography, endless adventure, selfless dedication to each other, and endless blessings!

  7. Beautiful, Jack! I am very happy for you. You both look amazing in the photo. What a match! Wishing you a long and happy life together and many more great times in the mountains, which you both love so much. Cordillera Huayhuash gave you the best what it could give you. Every anniversary you should celebrate in that beautiful part of the world. 🙂 Congratulations!

  8. I had a feeling this might happen when she kept showing up in your work, and how she actually became more of the focal point of your excursions. :>) And, what a perfect match to have someone who obviously loves the high peaks as much as you do. Congratulations, again.

  9. What a hoot celebrating with you two perfectly matched mountain folks! And how serendipitous that your trails led to the same place. Cheers!

  10. Jack and Claudia… CONGRATULATIONS, Wishing you a love that grows day after day and year after year. Congratulations on your Wedding.


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