Splitboarding, Niederrickenbach, Glattegrat, Switzerland

Today I took the train down valley from Engelberg and met up with a new splitboarding buddy who lives in Bern. We checked out a ski zone accessible by a small cable car, and ended up scoring a beautiful untracked 800m powder descent!

Splitboarding in the Swiss Alps

The terrain. We skinned up the higher basin at the upper right. At upper left is a mountain hut… in case you fancy a beer or gluhwein while you’re touring!

Splitboarding in the Swiss Alps

Heading up into the basin.

Splitboarding in the Swiss Alps

For a little while our track followed a wiggly skier’s earlier down-track.

Splitboarding in the Swiss Alps

Everything’s looking bigger than it did from below!

Splitboarding in the Swiss Alps

Finally up on the summit ridge, with amazing views of the Alps all around!

Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

Snowboarder: David Foxton.

Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

We rode down this huge untracked slope – 800m of floaty carves in the fluffy powder.

Deep powder in Switzerland

Deep powder! Yeah!

9 thoughts on “Niederrickenbach

  1. Wow, Jack, wow. Some really sweet powder here. Are you hiking with your 5D II or are these with your GF1? Great conditions…glad you finally got some!

    1. These (and all of my ski/snowboard shots) are with the GF1. A friend of mine is bringing over a new LX5 for me in February, so I look forward to comparing those two and perhaps writing a little review of the two!

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