New Himalaya Photos

Ama Dablam,Asia,Himalaya,Khumbu,Nepal, Makalu
Ama Dablam Alpenglow Reflection : Prints Available

Alpenglow light illuminates Ama Dablam. Makalu (8481m, 27,825 ft) is visible at the left side.

Asia,Himalaya,Kala Patthar,Khumbu,Mt. Everest,Nepal,Nuptse
Everest Sunset : Prints Available

Sunset light on Mt. Everest (8850m / 29,035 ft), the tallest mountain in the world, as seen from Kala Patthar (5540m / 18,175 ft). The pointy mountain in the center, which only appears bigger due to perspective, is Nuptse (7861m / 25,791 ft).

I have just posted my photos from the Himalaya in Nepal! I hope that my photos convey at least a fraction of how powerful these mountains are. Trip reports and accompanying photos to follow soon…

10 thoughts on “New Himalaya Photos

  1. Yes! I’ve been looking forward to these for a while. Tengboche Night and Lobuche Reflection are my two favorites, but everything is great. I also really appreciate Annapurna Forest – it’s nice to get a sense of what’s over there blow the peaks and snow. More please!

    1. Thanks Jackson! Yeah the forests below Annapurna are quite amazing, especially in contrast to the barren alpine environment higher up. More “trip report” photos coming shortly!

    1. Thanks Lawrence! We originally had planned to hike the Manaslu trek, but after our first 20-day Khumbu trek we realized that Manaslu would be too ambitious for our rapidly declining motivation levels. 😉 So we did the shorter ABC trek instead. Anyhow, I enjoyed browsing through you Manaslu photos! You have done a great job showing the people and the cultural aspects of the region — something my photography portfolio is sorely lacking.

  2. Welcome back Jack and Claudia. Dang, I’ve never seen so many unique Nepal images in one gallery – and from one trip! Congrats on your epic journey – I’m tempted to say that Ama Dablam Alpenglow Reflection is my favorite, but there’s just too much here to wrap my mind around. Magnificent.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love the light you captured in many of them, it’s perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!

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