NANPA Showcase

I am happy to say that four of my photos have been juried into the 2009 NANPA Showcase (North American Nature Photographers Association). The first two images below were selected among the top 100 images, out of 4,120 entries by NANPA members!

All four images will be published in the annual “Expressions” journal that features the top 250 images of the Showcase. The previous “Expressions” journals that I have are among the most inspiring collections of nature photography that I’ve ever laid eyes on, so I consider this to be a great honor for my photos to be included.

El ChalténMaroon Bells Reflection


Sultan Mountain
Croatia Waterfalls


7 thoughts on “NANPA Showcase

  1. Congrats Jack! Im not supprised at all, your work is simply amazing. you are quite an inspiration to me in photography. Good luck to you in the future. and have fun in New Zealand.

  2. Congratulations Jack!
    I must comment that your Plitvice Waterfalls photo looks better then the real thing!
    I was there about 2 months ago myself(:
    Did you take that photo from the air by the way?

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