Ahornspitze, Mayrhofen, Austria, sunset

Ahornspitze Sunset : Prints Available

Sunset light on Ahornspitze (2973m) as seen from the Mayrhofen ski area - December. 
Mayrhofen, Austria, panorama, clouds

Mayrhofen Cloud Panorama : Prints Available

Lifting clouds swirl around the snowy peaks near Mayrhofen. 

This week we are chilling out for Christmas holidays in the Austrian ski town of Mayrhofen. I’ve spent a couple days exploring the Mayrhofen ski area, an expansive area with a somewhat illogical lift arrangement. This is the first real mega-resort I’ve visited yet in the Alps, along with mega-crowds (especially since everyone’s on vacation this week). It’s quite the ski production here, with big fast lifts, the hugest tram I’ve ever seen, and the thumping Austrian apre-ski bars! I am also looking forward to exploring some of the other ski areas in the Zillertal valley in the next few days (Mayrhofen is just one… there’s three other ones I want to see too!) Though the snow conditions aren’t the best right now, it’s still fun to cruise around, snap photos, and check out new mountains.

See lots more photos of Mayrhofen below!

Mayrhofen, Austria, winter, snow

Winter snow and shadows seen from Wanglspitz in the Mayrhofen ski area. 

Mayrhofen, Austria, December, snowy

Snowy trees in Mayrhofen - December. 
Mayrhofen, Austria, December

Blue sky and clouds over Mayrhofen - December. 
Mayrhofen, Austria, panorama, ski, 150-er Tux

Panoramic view at sunset of the 150-er Tux cable-car and the Mayrhofen ski area - December. 

6 thoughts on “Mayrhofen

  1. These pictures are making me crave the mountains…Austin, TX just isn’t cutting it. Beautiful series, Jack. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hello Jack.

    This photograph from Mayrhofen is stunning!
    Location and light is perfect..I love this kind of light.
    Hope you are doing well in Europe and I wish you A Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to see more of your photography in 2011, Jack.

    Be well, travel safe

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

    1. Thanks Seung Kye! The funny thing about this photo is that I actually took it while strapped into my snowboard, from the ski slopes of Mayrhofen!

      Happy new years!


      1. The fine thing about this photograph is that I could never had guessed 🙂
        Get the impression that this is a carefully chosen and remote spot.
        This is so beautiful, Jack.

        I guess it`s perfectly OK to shoot mountains while strapped to a snowboard…as long as you don`t shoot while moving or during a jump 😉

        Take care, Jack.

        Seung Kye

        1. Haha… yes I made sure to stop first before taking the photo! I guess you could say it was carefully chosen, as I did slow down until I found the nice snowy tree foreground. Hahaha.. Yes, not much effort involved here!

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