Massive Sunset

Mt. Massive as seen from Mount Elbert summit, Colorado

I just unearthed this photo taken back in February 2006. This is the view of Mt. Massive (center) and the Sawatch Range, as seen from the 14,440 foot summit of Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado.

I had hiked up Mount Elbert in the afternoon, knowing that the clear skies and full moon would provide plenty of light to make my way down at night. The evening turned out to be one of my most memorable summit experiences ever; the air was perfectly calm, I had warm clothes on, and I spent over three peaceful hours relaxing on the summit in the twilight and moonlight. During my time up there I also took what is perhaps my favorite photo to date, “Elbert’s Moonshadow”.

Both photos were taken with the 4×5 camera, with Provia film.

6 thoughts on “Massive Sunset

  1. Jack,

    Great shot, but the moonshadow shot is stunning. I hadn’t seen this before…thanks for linking to it.

  2. Jack…this is one heck of a shot! :-)Foreground rocks to the horizon…excellent details. The linked photo is one of my favorite of yours too… moonlight on white snow and the last light in the sky..amazing stuff.

  3. Really a sweet image, especially in a place that gathers morning light. Isn’t it wild how some moments get etched in your memory and stand out above others? Maybe it’s 3 solo hours on a mountain top or 20 minutes watching wolves, when time stands still.
    BTW, I agree about the moonshadow image. For me, the space above the moonlit mountains gives a sense of endless wild.

  4. Jack, you really remind me of this quote:

    People who climb ridges and sleep under the stars in high mountain meadows, who enter the forest and scale peaks, who explore glaciers and walk ridges buried deep in snow—these people will give their country some of the indominitable spirit of the mountains. —Justice William O. Douglas

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