Last Powder Turns of the Year

backcountry skiing Colorado

Though it’s been a week or so since the last storm, there’s still some powder stashes out there to be found! I’ve been hunting them out for the last couple days. More pics below!

Sandhill Crane migration

During our hike up on Sunday, Claudia and I saw (and heard) three huge formations of sandhill cranes migrating south over the mountains.

Shredding Powder
Rider: Alex Hotze

On Monday, Alex and Hank joined me for an epic and exhausting day of powder hunting.

Skinning to Paradise

Up and down two mountains…

Shredding Powder
Rider: Alex Hotze

…plenty of powder was found, and shredded! The 2013 part of winter has been great so far in the San Juans; let’s hope that 2014 is snowy too!


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