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Just a quick update for those of you who follow my blog and haven’t seen a new post in over a month! At the end of July after our travels in Germany and Austria, we returned to Colorado and have been on the road here ever since, living out of our truck and doing back-to-back backpacking trips pretty much the entire time. So far we’ve backpacked in the Flat Tops, twice in the Gore Range, thrice in the Sawatch Range, and twice in the Sangres. Basically my goal this summer is to re-visit all these other mountain ranges in Colorado that I’ve neglected for the last decade or so while living in the San Juans and Elks. For the remainder of September we plan to spend more time in the Gores, as well as Indian Peaks and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Suffice it to say, after three weeks of hut-trekking in the Alps and two months of backpacking in the Colorado Rockies, I have a truckload of new photos to share! Once we’re back settled into our place in Crested Butte in October, I’ll start rolling out the photos and trip reports from all of our summer adventures. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Jack! Great to see an update! I haven’t commented here for a long time but have to say this. I love backpacking too but never seen anyone like you guys who do such extended trips, months after months. I am curious though, do you ever feeling like coming home? I can go for a couple of weeks and after that I long for home! I love taking photos but after a week or so on the road, I need to rest my photography brain a bit! Do you guys have that ? Or do you guys feel like there is not enough time for all these amazing places?! Can’t wait to see your photos!

    1. Hi Rajeev, yes we definitely go through phases where living on the road feels tiresome and we wish for a home base (particularly when we’re dealing with bad weather and aren’t sure what to do). Also I’ve found it’s a bit tough to do so many back to back backpacking treks as my body starts to feel achy and worn out, without sufficient time to recuperate in between. For me it’s mostly the physical hassles and exhaustion that wears on me; mentally-speaking I definitely enjoy having so much time outdoors and pursuing the whole photo thing. But yeah, 2-3 months seems to be my limit for the road!

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