Had to Go Again

Skiing powder
Skier: Dan Chehayl.

It has been so great to have winter back again… I had to go track up some more powder this morning. The weather was mostly socked in and snowing today, unlike the glorious lifting clouds of yesterday. But, another four inches of pow didn’t hurt at all.

Below is a helmet cam video from the first lap of the day. Excuse the video quality… my video editing skills suck almost as bad as the helmet cam itself. I didn’t even include the second line because the video was full of awful blinking-black frames.

Snowboard helmet cam
Click here to watch the Quicktime video.

2 thoughts on “Had to Go Again

  1. thanks for sharing, esp as I suffer through my powda withdrawal due to injuries.. btw, there are a number of newer higher quality helmet cams I think… Take care,

  2. Just watched the video – damn, I thought you were gonna hit the tree! It was fun, though – I’m glad to see winter’s return!

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