Grebaje Valley

A view of the jagged spires towering over the Grebaje Valley.

After our strenuous loop trek through the Prokletije mountains, we spent a few days relaxing at an eko-katun (mountain lodge) in the Grebaje Valley, just on the other side of the mountain spine that we had trekked below the day prior. The Grebaje Valley is absolutely jaw-dropping spectacular, with massive jagged spires rocketing out of the valley. These are amongst the most dramatic and abrupt mountains I’ve seen, on par with the Dolomites or Julian Alps.

Prokletije, Montenegro, Karanfili, hiking, Grebaje

Hiking in front of the wildly jagged Karanfili massif high above the Grebaje Valley in the Prokletije mountains of southern Montenegro.

Although we were intending to relax, we just had to go on a hike up Talijanka (aka Popadija), a 2057m peak with an epic panoramic vista of the most jagged part of the Prokletije range. The upper half the hike ascends a high ridge line with precipitous cliffs that drop nearly vertically down to the bottom of the Grebaje Valley far below, offering dramatic views of the impossibly rugged Karanfili massif across the valley.

Meadow Sunset : Prints Available

Sunset in the Prokletije mountains.

Grebaje Valley,Karanfili,Montenegro,Prokletije, panorama
Karanfili Panorama : Prints Available

Panoramic sunset view of the rugged spires of Karanfili towering over the Grebaje Valley.

Europe,Grebaje Valley,Montenegro,Prokletije,wildflowers
Grebaje Flowers : Prints Available

A meadow of wildflowers surrounded by jagged spires in the Grebaje Valley.

I could have spent weeks in the Grebaje Valley, but alas we had to keep on traveling on!

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  1. I simply had no idea these amazing places existed. Maybe it’s not too late to change my vacation plans!
    Thanks for posting these.


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