Flight to North America

Here are a couple interesting photos taken from the airplane window during my flight home to Colorado from Peru last week.

Airplane sunrise

Crazy sunrise light in the western sky somewhere over Mexico (?). I have no idea what caused the upside-down shadow sunburst in the sky… any astronomers out there that can enlighten me? There were some clouds to east that may have caused some strange refractions… ?

Clouds over Houston

Regimented clouds over Houston.

One thought on “Flight to North America

  1. Hi Jack, looks like you photographed an Anti Crepuscular ray (and from quite a rare angle I might add!). I witnessed a similar Phenomena in August of last year. There must have been a towering culumus cloud in the perfect position right in front of the sun to cause that ray. http://www.tonightssky.org/images/081109e.jpg

    The above is looking toward where the sun had just set. An this next one is what it looked like opposite the sun. http://www.tonightssky.org/images/081109a.jpg

    More info on Anti Crepuscular rays here… http://www.atoptics.co.uk/atoptics/anti1.htm

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