Day 7

Cirque Mountain,Colorado,San Juan Mountains,Sneffels Range, skiing
Skinning up high in the Sneffels Range – April.

Today marks my (and also Charlie’s) seventh day out splitboarding in a row. This last week since the big dump has been one of the best continuous stretches of snowboarding that I can remember… and it’s not over yet!

Cirque Mountain,Colorado,San Juan Mountains,Sneffels Range, Teakettle, Potosi Peak, April

Arriving at the summit!

Today we climbed and rode down another big 13er in the neighborhood.

Cirque Mountain,Colorado,San Juan Mountains,Sneffels Range, snowboarding
Charlie Bartosek riding amongst the giants.

P e r f e c t  snow conditions today – old powder in the transition to pure spring corn snow, soft and smooth for high speed carving.

Backcountry snowboarding in the San Juans, Colorado

2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Jack,
    One question. How far do you have to hike to get where you begin to climb the high peaks to ski. Obviously the summer roads would be closed due to snow. How close can you get by using some kind of motorized vehicle and what would that vehicle be.

    1. Hi Dean, right now you have to hike quite a bit since there’s still lots of snow and the road is not plowed yet to the standard lower parking lot (the “bathroom”) in Yankee Boy Basin. You could take any kind of truck or SUV up to the current road end, then it’s about a half hour or so of hiking/skiing on snow to get to the bathroom where you start to have the big views. Tack on another several hours to get up high anywhere!

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