Election Night on Cedar Mesa

Evening on Cedar Mesa, Utah
Election night festivities.

After our time in Page, we realized that circumstances were pulling us back home and our long desert trip was coming to a close. For one final night in the desert on the way back, we car camped on the edge of Cedar Mesa, with a commanding view spanning all the way from the San Juan Mountains on the far eastern horizon to Monument Valley far to the south.

Being November 6, we fortunately had just enough cell reception up there to check the election results – the suspense would have killed me otherwise. I’m not going to say much about it here, except that I’m proud to be a Coloradan! For the half of the population that is sorely disappointed, well, now you know how I felt in ’04. Life goes on, hopefully for the better.

Cedar Mesa, Utah, Goosenecks, San Juan River, sunset, panorama

Cedar Mesa Panorama : Prints Available

Panoramic evening view from the southern edge of Cedar Mesa, overlooking the Goosenecks of the San Juan River - November.

6 thoughts on “Election Night on Cedar Mesa

    1. Thanks Dave! Yeah, I’m so glad I don’t have a TV, and that we missed all the internet chatter in the three weeks we were in the desert! Perfect timing to go off the radar.

  1. Couldn’t ask for a more serene and peaceful setting than where you two are. Great shot, Jack…love that light on you guys.

  2. Hi Jack (& Claudia)

    The top of Cedar Mesa is one of the most magical places for me, with great views on the goosenecks and Monument Valley in the distance, and usually very peaceful with nobody around….only the wind.
    You just need to avoid driving down the Moki dugway by night, as i did once 🙂



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