10 thoughts on “Fiery Sunset Over Ouray

  1. Thanks for the comments! David – This is two-exposure manual blend, which was the only possible way to retain detail in the darker portion of the image for this situation with such brilliant skies.

  2. Amazing sunset! I just heard Phoenix is having dust storms again, have you seen any evidence of those storms around Ouray yet? I hope not. I’m coming that way on Monday. Are the Aspen in full color? Is snow on the peaks? I’m so anxious to be in the San Juans again, you’re so lucky to live there.

  3. 5.6.2010
    as the following question implys, I am a novice when it comes to photography.
    first; a fantastic photograph.
    what do you mean ” two exposure manual blend ” ??
    can this be done with a digital SLR camera??

  4. Hi George,

    “Two exposure manual blend” means that I take two exposures (from a tripod) of the same exact scene, one right after the other, but at different shutter speeds – one to expose correctly for the bright sky, and one to expose correctly for the much darker town/valley. Then I take the two exposures and blend them together in Photoshop to obtain a properly exposed scene throughout the image. This is the digital equivalent of using graduated neutral density filters, but in this case it works better since the horizon is not a straight line.

    You can read a tutorial about the basics of this technique here: http://www.fredmiranda.com/article_2/

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