Autumn at Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes Basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, autumn, hiking

Ice Lakes, San Juan Mountains, autumn, Colorado

Today we took advantage of the glorious blue sky weather by hiking up to Ice Lakes Basin to check out the autumn colors up on the tundra there. It was a nice mellow day in the mountains, and a fitting farewell hike to Colorado! (More on that in the next post!)

I had a chuckle when we spotted some ski tracks in the snowfield at upper left in the top photo. Hardcore!

9 thoughts on “Autumn at Ice Lakes

    1. Thanks Dave! I think the recent snowfall mashed all the plants and sped up the autumn-conversion. I wish I was around a few days ago when the storm broke and the fresh snow was everywhere… but oh well…

  1. Wow, gorgeous! I think this is my favorite time to backpack or hike in the backcountry: the weather is perfect, no crowds, and most importantly: NO SUMMER MOSQUITOS!!!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I didn’t even think about that but definitely those little bastards are long gone! And yes, in the summer I’ve seen literally hundreds of people on the trail to Ice Lakes; yesterday we saw about five!

  2. What a wonderful view, I wish I was there. thanks for such a great pictures.
    I want to use some of your photoes in my weblog. greetings from Iran.

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