A Slice of Heaven

Snowboarding the Powder

[+] Today we splitboarded up the same mountain for the third day in a row, but this time we dropped off the backside, went up a neighboring peak further up the valley, and slammed the best line of the year so far – very steep, and very deep. Here’s Parker McAbery blasting into a steep chute.

White Room

[+] Parker in the white room, enveloped in his own powder.

Snowboarding Carve

[+] Parker again, carving the steep powder.

There’s not much you can say after such a dreamy line, except perhaps something cheesy like “if heaven exists, we just rode it!” The best part is that this was about a week since the last snowfall, and the snow was perfect as ever. Gotta love Colorado.

Jack snowboarding

[+] Here’s me laying out a carve. Photo by Parker McAbery.

3 thoughts on “A Slice of Heaven

  1. Hi Jack,
    I spent last summer in Ouray and plan to this year as well. I enjoy the place and appreciate your work. I called you but did not get a chance to meet you, in truth because I was overwhelmed by the quality of your work, as compared to mine! I am retired and pushing 70 and when I see your blog with the fabulous skiing I appreciate how you guys are capturing the best of life.

  2. Jeez, very scary….and nice action shots. What is your snow/splitboarding camera rig this season?

    And, don’t people work in The Switzerland Of America? Ha!

  3. Hey ShoWally,

    I’m using my old Ricoh GX100 for snowboarding/skiing shots, and I quite like it!

    I’ve discovered two things about this camera which are perfect for this kind of action shooting: 1) I never realized that it has nonstop continuous mode, shooting jpegs at about 2.5/sec., and 2) It has a “snap focus” mode that sets a fixed focus at somewhere between 3-8 meters, so it doesn’t have to focus for the speedy shots.

    It also has a much faster startup/shutdown than the Sigma DP1, and a wider lens.

    The drawback is that the colors can be a bit flat, especially with dark forests which are often rendered with dead grays and blacks (see the above shots).


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