2010 Calendar Available – In Russia!


The Russian publishing house Otkrytoe Pis’mo has published a calendar featuring 12 of my landscape photos from locations including Colorado, Wyoming, New Zealand, Croatia, and Patagonia. I just received several copies of the calendar in the mail. I can’t read a word of it, but they look good! According to a Google translation of the calendar page on their website the calendar’s title is “The Aspiration to the Heights.” If you happen to be passing through Russia pick one up!

15 thoughts on “2010 Calendar Available – In Russia!

  1. Jack,

    Finally…I’ve been waiting for one of your calendar’s in Russian! Sarcasm aside, that is awesome!

  2. Well, I just bought a ticket to Russia so I can get one of your calendars. Looks like it’ll be worth the cost. 🙂


  3. PS Jack, put the autumn photo of Sneffels and Dallas that’s on the calendar up so we can see it, OK? Looks awesome.

  4. Well done, comrade! Talk about a far-reaching marketing plan! How in the world did you pull this off? Oh, and do you have a bio pic in one of those funny hats?

  5. Jack-Now you MUST do this for us here in the states. Congratulations, but give us a Colorado calendar that is truly excellent!

  6. Congrats Jack!
    Your mountain landscapes are really breathtaking.
    And Patagonia… You simply have the best Patagonia portfolio I have ever seen!
    About calendar I’ll write in Russian:)
    ???????????? ??????? ??????, ????! ?????????? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????? ??????? ???????!
    Cheers, Mike

  7. Oooops! My Russian got converted to question marks:)
    It was:
    “Amazing beauty of work, Jack! I congratulate you with successful debut on a huge and quickly growing Russian market!

  8. Hi Jack!
    This is so unexpected and so pleasant at the same time. I am very happy that our publishing house found you and made this calendar. I have already seen it in one of Moscow’s biggest book stores, called “Moscow”. I think I’ll go there in the nearest future and buy a few copies :)) Because it costs less than 10$ and it’s rather cheap for those amazing photos.
    Thank you, Jack!

    Cheers, Alex

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