Yurt Weekend

yurt, stars, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, winter, march, night, snow

Yurt Under the Stars : Prints Available

A cozy backcountry yurt in the snow on a winter night in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Some friends of ours kindly offered us their backcountry yurt for the weekend, and we gladly accepted! Situated atop a hill above Red Mountain Pass and surrounded by heaps of intermediate ski terrain, the yurt provided a perfect base for two nights and three days of relaxing and skiing.

Skinning Up

Claudia skins up the mountain…

Backcountry skiing

…to enjoy some cruisey powder turns.

yurt, interior, Colorado, evening, winter, march

I apologize in advance for the cheese-factor of this photo, but I couldn’t resist showing how cozy it was in the yurt! After two nights like this, I’ll probably never want to winter camp in my tent again!

10 thoughts on “Yurt Weekend

  1. This looks like my lifestyle! I almost bought a yurt from Groovyurts in Quebec because he gets his made in Mongolia – the original makers. Beautiful craftsmanship!

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely pics!

  2. Jack,
    I wouldn’t fret about the cheese factor, the yurt image is really beautiful! Great work on all of your images but that one caught my eye. Do you have much ongoing demand for images from your 4×5 camera? Regardless, keep up the great work.
    Mike Putnam

    1. Thanks Mike! Yes, I’m still selling my 4×5 images/prints! But the Canon setup is high enough res to allow for pretty large prints also, so I don’t miss shooting the 4×5 too much.

  3. Hi Jack,

    I love your site and living vicariously through your monthly adventures in Colorado. Is that a hole or window in the top of the yurt?

    I used to live in Colorado and was fortunate to visit with my family last summer. Your pictures are my crutch in-between visits! Thank you!

    1. Hi Kelly, it’s a private yurt. But there are other publicly available lodges in the general area; check out the Opus Hut, or the St. Paul’s Lodge for instance.

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