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Oslo at night

I am back in Oslo, just hanging out for a few days waiting for my flight back to Colorado. It’s been amazing to fulfill my dream of seeing the mountains and fjords of Norway, but now I am really excited to get back home, see my friends and family again, and go through all my photos from the trip. I’ll be awaiting my film from the photo lab like a kid on Christmas morning!

During my six Norwegian weeks, I took about 150 large format 4×5 photos, and about 48gb worth of digital photos with the Olympus E620. It will probably take me 2-3 weeks to go through all these and get them scanned, processed, and posted on my website.

I ended up driving from Gøteborg, Sweden as far north as Tromsø, Norway, and back again, with lots of side trips along the way, for a grand total of about 8600km (~5300 miles)! This is roughly the equivalent (according to Google Maps) of driving from Denver to Juneau and back, or from San Diego to Miami and back! A lot of driving.

So now all that’s left is one last evening in Oslo, then 20+ hours of sitting in three different airplanes and airports, then I’ll finally be back home! Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Wrap it Up

  1. Jack,

    I haven’t been able to comment as much as I would have liked, but all I can say is I can’t wait to look at your best images from the trip and to again tell you congrats on fulfilling your dream of getting to Norway.

  2. Howdy Jack,

    I have just came across your website right before you left. I have really enjoyed all of your pictures and look forward to seeing more. It sounds like you will be back home just in time for the fall folliage. Thanks, I will be watching.
    Tony in Nebraska

  3. Jack

    I am an Norwegian living in Japan and have been enjoying your journey to Norway. I have been to most of the places you choose and are impressed how well your plan your trip. I can not wait for my children to be old enaugh to join me on mountain trips. (in Norway and Japan)I am looking forward to see more of your picture from Norway.

    Runar Matsui-Li

  4. Jack,

    We know you’re back and we’re dyin’ to see some sweet images! You’re not catchin’ up on your Zzzzzzz’s are ya?


    Your Fans 🙂

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