Two More

Jake and I got out for two more skiing/splitboarding days. For me that’s been 6 out of the last 7 days on the snow! I guess Jake’s been out something like 12 days in a row… what an animal.

We’d pretty much tracked out the entire mountain we’ve been riding on previous days, so we moved to a slightly lesser known spot with north facing preserved powder.

Time for a few days off to get some work done!

4 thoughts on “Two More

  1. Looks like we’ll be back at it in no time with some freshies if the forecast is right. Jake is a monster, 14 consecutive days with 8 being consecutive touring days, and 25k+ climbing during those 8 days. Whaaaa!!!

  2. Just happened upon these awesome shots! Man that first run on those cold northern chutes was SO GOOD! Sounds like the whiteroom has descended upon the San Juans again. Go git it boys, wish I could join some more. At least VT has blessed my return with 20″ of snow and more coming.

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