5 thoughts on “This is Where I Live!

  1. Dear Jack,
    I had commented on this photograph in the nature forum. However, I had no idea that you lived in the town. Wow! You are very fortunate. By the way, your photography is awesome. I think that your blog is very good and I will return to review some articles.

  2. How can you stand to live in such isolation? What, no Starbucks? No Best Buy? What on earth do you mountain people do all day? (I don’t want to know what you do at night!) Stoked? The only thing stoked is the fireplace in your alpine icebox.

    Just kidding, man. Congratulations on your sweet pad in the sweetest part of our state!

  3. I suppose if I were a regular reader of your blog I would know, but being a new visitor, um…where do you live? (i.e. what town is that?)


  4. Hi Jack, we love this photo of yours, it hangs over our fireplace. We were looking at it today and trying to align the view with google-map of Ouray. Is it a sunrise or a sunset? is the view looking eastward? northward? thanks!

    annie, john and nico (big fans of your photography)

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