Dusty Colorado From the Air

Sawatch Range Colorado aerial photo

[+] Here’s some photos from a flight today over the Colorado Rockies, from Denver to Montrose. I had a window seat on the south side of the plane, with good views of the Sawatch and Elk Mountains. I noticed that the snow became more and more dusty towards the west side of the mountains; the western-most peaks were completely smothered in orange/brown dirt.

More photos below.
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Springtime Above Ouray

View of Ouray, Colorado

This afternoon I got out for a four hour hike above Ouray. The trails around here are mostly dry, at least on all but the most northerly facing slopes. I did a nice bushwhack hike to the top of a peak that I always see from my house, complete with a slightly hairy scramble to the top of some big outcropped rocks. It felt so good to get out hiking in summer weather, especially after being cooped up at the computer for a few weeks. It always amazes me how much simple exercise improves my mental health.

P.S. – I boosted the contrast on this photo to make it a little more viewable… the camera doesn’t do so well in flat sunny afternoon light like this.

Skiing Arizona (in Colorado)

Skiing snow with dust layer

This morning I got out for some skiing/snowboarding with some visiting German friends of a friend of a friend. There is still a little bit of white snow partially covering up the horrendous Arizona dust that smothered our mountains these last few months, so the riding was still ok. Crossing the zebra patterned snow was pretty funky… the white snow smooth and fast, then the brown snow sticky and slow. At times it felt like riding down sand dunes. I’m afraid that unless we get another late season dump, the ski season here in the San Juans is pretty much done since the dust is already starting to ravage the snowpack.

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Corbett from Ouray

Corbett Sneffels Range, Colorado

Corbett covered in fresh snow this evening, as seen from the north end of Ouray, Colorado. Corbett is the eastern-most peak of the Sneffels Range.

It’s been snowing all day today, and the storm broke right before sunset. It almost looked like it would be a spectacular sunset, but the clouds didn’t lift quite enough. Too bad, since I was all set up with the 4×5. Maybe next time.

April Powder

Skiing powder

Paul and I got out this morning for a quick powder sampling. Though only a day old, the powder is firming up fast. This late in the season you’ve got the get the powder while it’s fresh… it doesn’t last long, even on north aspects. But it was still good to ride, despite the fact that I guided us down the wrong chute (the one that had tracks in it already – I hate crossing tracks!)

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