Sunset Above Ouray

Colorado,Ouray,San Juan Mountains, sunset
Sunset Above Ouray : Prints Available

A brilliant sunset high above the town of Ouray and the San Juan Mountains, Colorado – September.

Yesterday evening I was lucky to witness and photograph a fantastic sunset from one of my favorite overlooks of Ouray. This is a seldom visited spot that requires a steep bushwhack and an exposed scramble up crumbly cliffs to get to, but the reward is what I consider one of the best vantage points over the Ouray valley. I’ve been up here probably two or three times before, but never got so lucky with the sunset light!

The next week or so will be our last in Ouray at least for a while, so when I’ve been going on hikes recently and seeing such scenes (like this, and the rainbow last week), I can’t help but feel that the San Juans are smiling upon me, giving me a good sendoff! I know it’s dumb to think that way, but maybe I’m just getting a little sentimental!

10 thoughts on “Sunset Above Ouray

  1. Jack, I admire your work and loved your recent shots from the Balkans, but this Ouray sunset seems way over-processed to me. It’s got some of the HDR vices without any HDR virtues. It seems pumped up – not your usual style.

    Crested Butte looks like a great location. I was recently awestruck by the Black Canyon nearby.

    1. Hey thanks, Mark! I took a look again with your comments in mind and I think I agree a bit; I dialed down the saturation in the foreground a little which I think helps (refresh the page to reload the image). In any case, it was one of those entire-sky sunsets that makes everything glow reddish; sometimes those photos can be difficult to process I think because the light looks so unreal anyways.

  2. Another example of a fairly common picture taken to a much grander scale because of your efforts to get to places most people can’t or don’t. So much to look at…. Sometimes I forget what’s behind the Amphitheater, nice to see it again from this angle.

    Good luck in CB!

    Thanks Jack!

  3. Beautiful, Jack. I love finding spots like this that give you great perspectives few get to see. Why Crested Butte? Whatever the reason, best of luck to you two!

    1. Thanks Justin! We love it here in western CO but would like to live at least for a while in a (slightly) larger town — more job opportunities for Claudia, etc. I’ve always loved CB as well; seems like a good place!

  4. Jack,

    You can’t go wrong with the Butte! I hope the transition goes well for you guys. Looking forward to seeing what shots you’ll get in that area.

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