Sneffels Front and Center

Mt. Sneffels sunset

On Saturday I camped up in Blaine Basin, with Mt. Sneffels towering above. That evening, I hiked up to the summit of Peak 12,910, which has an incredible vantage point directly facing the rugged north face of Sneffels. I’ve hiked to many different vantages around Mt. Sneffels, and I think this one is the best!

As you can tell if you’ve read my recent posts, I’ve had a major focus on Mt. Sneffels lately. This isn’t really a conscious project of mine, it’s just that Sneffels is close-by, it’s the tallest summit around here, it’s a fun hike, and it’s a beautiful peak to boot.

Sneffels Range sunset

On this trip I brought my 4×5 large format camera, as usual, but I also brought my new Olympus E-420, which is a very small sized digital SLR. The two photos above are from the E-420. Once I started using this camera on this trip, I was immediately pleased – it is a joy to shoot with, in large part due to the awesome 12-60mm lens, which might be the best SLR lens I’ve ever used. The range is perfect, the auto focus is lightning fast, and the macro focus is impressive. I will certainly post a more in depth review of the camera/lens fairly soon, after I have more experience with it. But for now I will say I am really stoked on it.


The snow is really melting away fast now, and green is taking over wherever the snow is gone. The first wave of wildflowers has begun in the high country.

4 thoughts on “Sneffels Front and Center

  1. Glad you are like that new DSLR, and I thought your flower pic here is really good! Great lines, I love the background, and the flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Nice to have a peak in your backyard : )

    I’m new to the same camera and lens and it’s been a great surprise.

  3. Yesterday afternoon I spontaneously tried Blaine Peak on a trail run, the only info I had was a dot on the map in the trail register box. I went up to the saddle between Blaine and Sneffels then went up talus and a grungy couliour on loose rock. It was turn around time and the rock was getting nasty so I bailed out of there not knowing if I was on route or not…. Great day in the mountains though!

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