Skiing Abrams Mountain

Abrams Mountain is the big pyramid-shaped peak that you see towering at the head of the Ouray valley as you drive in from the north. Today we skied/snowboarded a fun 3,000-foot line down this mountain. There’s so much snow up in the high country still; we’ll be skiing into July probably. Here’s some pictures.

Hiking Abrams Mountain

Abrams Mountain ridgeline
[+] Hiking along the summit ridgeline.

Skiing Abrams Mountain
[+] Skier: Ann Driggers

Telemark skiing
Skier: Pete Harris

Skiing Abrams Mountain

3 thoughts on “Skiing Abrams Mountain

  1. Great shots and it looks like a fantastic day. Am curious, what basin is that behind the 2nd photo (“Hiking along the summit ridgeline”)

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