Ski Sickness

If you can’t tell from all my recent posts, I’m in the midst of a bad case of spring skiing fever, or more accurately, spring snowboarding fever. This time of year more than ever I have the acute feeling of “so much to do, so little time.” I can’t stop thinking of all those high couloirs and snowfields being naturally groomed by the warm sunny days and cold high-altitude nights – waiting for me to get up there and carve them before they melt away.

Ski Sickness

So, I was elated tonight to discover a treasure trove of awesome backcountry ski reports from Sky Sjue at Sky and his friends have skied many incredible big mountain lines in the Cascades, and Sky has amassed an inspiring collection of photos and trip reports that help stoke the fever.

Sky obviously is an expert on the subject of ski sickness:

“Ski Sickness is a case study of a disease that involves an addiction to adventurous skiing. It so happens that this particular outbreak hasn’t spread much beyond the state of Washington yet, but the threat of a widespread epidemic is real. The world is only safe from a pandemic because the vector for the virus requires habitat that includes rugged terrain, large vertical relief, and an abundant snowpack.”

Haha! Well, there must be a massive outbreak in western Colorado this year too. SICK!

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