Rockin Fourth in Ouray

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Fourth of July in Ouray : Prints Available

The town of Ouray, Colorado rockin on the Fourth of July.  Ouray is one of the most unique places in the world to watch fireworks; each boom echoes around the mountains.  The sounds of the echoes are just as awesome as the fireworks themselves!

I hope all my fellow American readers had a great 4th of July! Ouray was as rockin as ever — almost literally after the parade when Maj. Rasmussen, a fighter pilot from Ouray, roared through the valley in his F-16 on full afterburners. Incredible! Turn up the volume and check out this video of it:

Beer, water fights, beer, barbeques, more beer, and then we sweated out all that beer with a wine hike up to our favorite terrace over Ouray to watch the fireworks. What a day!!!

4 thoughts on “Rockin Fourth in Ouray

  1. Holy s**t! What a view! Really nice shot and composing, love the powerful colours. The town looks little bit of christmas 🙂

    greetings Flo

    1. Thanks Flo! Yes, this is the only night of the year when the town is so full of lights! The population of Ouray on the 4th probably swells 10x compared to a normal summer day.

  2. Beautiful picture! My family left Ouray in 1962 but I still consider it my home town. Our house was just below the second switch back of the highway. Best fireworks display ever!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry we missed the 4th of July there!!! But we will be there soon! This town is beautiful all year round!!!

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