Return to Winter

Colorado backcountry skiing

Driving back home from our trip to the Canyonlands last Friday, we entered the world of winter again – the clouds and rain that passed over us in the canyons had blanketed the San Juans in a fresh dump of powder. My friend Dan called me that night to see if I wanted to go ride in the morning. I was fairly exhausted from our backpack trip and said no… then I thought “who am I kidding?!” of course I’ll go!

Colorado backcountry skiing
Skier: Anonymous. Location: Undisclosed.

Although I had been a bit reluctant to leave the desert, I quickly forgot about all that once I was making powder turns and pillow drops!

Colorado backcountry skiing
Skier: Dan Chehayl

Winter is not over yet…

3 thoughts on “Return to Winter

  1. Great to see the San Juans buried in snow, Jack. I hope they got a lot more before the season ends next month…I know it’s been another lower snowpack year, but maybe better than the last few. Glad you’re liking the A7R. A friend of mine just bought one (also a Canon user) and he’s having a tough time adjusting to it.

    1. Hi Justin, we’ve actually had a pretty good snow year so far. I’m not sure what the percentages are, but if I had to guess I’d say 100% or more. ???

      What’s your friend having a tough time with, with the A7R?

  2. Jack,

    Glad to hear the snowpack is better in the San Juans…if it’s at 100% that would be awesome! We’ll be heading to Lake City in two weeks or so and I can’t wait to get up in the mountains to see all of it!

    As far as my friend and his A7R issues…I think his biggest gripe is the interface and AF, particularly in live view mode. He’s coming from a 5D Mark III, which he still has, but he’s to the point of selling the A7R. I’ll send him your mini review and maybe that will persuade him to keep it and work through his issues. He definitely does like the IQ he’s getting, especially the ability to pull up the shadows, as you mentioned. This is something I really wish my Canon 6D was better at.

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