Rainy Sunnmøre Alps

Tussenauset hut

The last few days in the Sunnmøre Alps have been a whole lot of rain and not much else. The first two days and nights I spent completely tentbound in the rain, camping near a roadside lake. With a forecast of just more rain, I figured I might as well wait in style so I hiked up to the Tussenauset backcountry cabin, situated near a big alpine lake surrounded by large peaks. I stayed there for two nights, the first I had the cabin all to myself, then a group of friendly locals came up and we had a good time the second night – they kindly shared their beer and homemade liquor with me as we hung out. There was luckily a nice break in the weather during sunset, but that was about it.

Now I’m at Geiranger, one of Norway’s most famous fjords. It is still raining and the forecast is pretty much nothing but rain for the whole next week, a big bummer since it’s my last week here. I was planning on going to Jotunheimen national park, where Norway’s tallest mountains are, and I probably still will, but it could very well be basically a waste of a week. Oh well!

3 thoughts on “Rainy Sunnmøre Alps

  1. Well, I know the feeling, when I went near Lofoten thi May – it was rainy for 2 weeks every single day… But that was actually goog, because during the 24-hours summer there are no sunset and sunrises, so the good chance is to have a storm 🙂

    And, btw, the last 2 weeks the forecasts were all rain again, but then there was rain only 5-6 days and a stunning light! So I wish you to have lots of luck and good time, Jack!

  2. Jack!!!

    Don’t worry about the weather! Remember that time in Siberia when the weather was so baaad! You made that tunnel. And you found all that vodka?? ; ‘)

    Sweet fotos. Keep living the dream.

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