Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales, Chile, Patagonia, sunset, December

Puerto Natales Sunset : Prints Available

A gorgeous sunset seen from Puerto Natales - December. 

As I explained in the comments in the last post, we drastically changed our travel plans and caught a flight yesterday from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, far south in Patagonia. Though we’re skipping the entire Carretera Austral region, I don’t think we had the time to do that area justice anyways, and now we have a whole month to enjoy the spectacular mountains in southern Patagonia without rushing around.

Puerto Natales is the gateway to the famous Torres del Paine, one of the most unique and spectacular mountains ranges on the planet. This is my third time here, but Claudia’s first. Tomorrow we’re headed out for at least a full week, possibly more, trekking around the range, and there are many locations there that I haven’t visited previously which I’m looking forward to seeing (and photographing).

Jack and Claudia in Puerto Natales, Chile

In other news, we just got word that Claudia’s fiancé US visa application, which we submitted in July, HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!! WOOHOO!!! She doesn’t actually have the visa yet – first the approved application will be processed through the Dept of State and sent to the embassy in Germany (which takes about a month – perfect timing with our trip), and then Claudia has to go there and schedule an interview before she finally gets the visa. But, this approval is the main first step – the tallest hurdle in the whole process. The rest is just a matter of follow-through. We are stoked, and relieved!

20 thoughts on “Puerto Natales

  1. Congrats on the Visa approval! Great pic of you two!! Looks like you’re having a blast in some really beautiful country. Cheers from the snowy (today) Front Range!

  2. Hello, I just found your blog while looking for images of sunsets and mountains, (I want to make a felted picture and needed a photograph to base it on). Your photographs are beautiful, and I hope you don’t mind me getting inspired by them!

  3. Great news for you and Claudia…definitely exciting times for you guys. Looking forward to pictures from Torres…make them frequent!

  4. Congrats man! That’s awesome news. Trip and photos look great as well. You guys should get back here just in time for some decent snow.

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m really looking forward to getting back home… Having fun here, but a bit homesick for sure by now! I’ll be ready for some splitting action when I’m back!

  5. Wonderful news about Claudia’s visa – congrats! Loved seeing these pictures, you look so happy and it made me smile. Have a wonderful week in Torres del Paine, don’t stay away too long, we are anxious to meet Claudia!

    1. Hey Carly! Yeah, I definitely want to take Claudia on a little road trip to Boulder to introduce her to the Boulder crew and show her the old stomping grounds! It’s been too long…

  6. That’s great news. Mary and I are psyched for you two. Hurry home, Maya is bored with an empty house next door and no neighbors to bark at.

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