Photos from the Allgäuer Alps

We are back in Colorado. Although we had to end our travels earlier than expected, we’ve had a wonderful two months in the Alps, and it’s never a bad thing to come back home to the San Juans – just in time for autumn colors too!

Now that I’m back home with my real computer monitor I’ve started going through my landscape photos from our treks in the Alps. As I work on processing them in the coming days and weeks, I will post the new photos here and will update the original trip reports as well.

Today we revisit the Allgäuer Alps, our first trek in the Alps this summer.

Rappensee, Allgäuer Alps, Germany, wildflowers, sunset, Kleiner Rappenkopf, reflection
Rappensee : Prints Available

Wildflowers and a pleasant sunset at Rappensee, with a reflection of the Kleiner Rappenkopf (2276m).

Allgäuer Alps, Germany, Mittelberg, Austria, Fiderapass, sunset, panorama, Wildental
Fiderapass Sunset Panorama : Prints Available

Sunset on Fiderapass, on the border between Germany and Austria, looking down the Wildental towards the town of Mittelberg far below.

Allgäuer Alps, Germany, Hochalpsee, Widderstein, sunset
Hochalpsee Sunset : Prints Available

Sunset over the Hochalpsee below Widderstein.

See more new photos and the complete trip report from our trek through the Allgäuer Alps here!

13 thoughts on “Photos from the Allgäuer Alps

  1. Even thoug you had to leave earlier than planned, you came with the consolation prize of some spectacular images. Some of these mountain scenes are even a little reminiscent of the good ol’ San Juans. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Glad you guys made it back home! Always enjoy seeing your pics! Was on a road trip with my family a couple weeks ago and drove up through Ouray on our way to Telluride. You’re right, never a bad thing to return home to the San Juans, still some of my favorite mountains!

  3. Hi Jack,

    thank you for sharing your photographs from the Alps.
    I hope Claudia is recovering well from her misadvendure.

    As you’re writing about the Ricoh camera, and Fuji as well, I was wondering if you considered buying a Canon PowerShot G1X while you were looking for a compact camera ?

    More (theoretical) infos on this model here :
    It looks interesting because it has a big sensor, reasonnable number of pixels (14MP, 1.5″ CMOS sensor, 18.7 x 14mm). So it’s possible to expect a good image quality (in theory)…

    If you have an opinion (good or bad) on this camera, I think I’d be interested to read it.

    Thank you in advance for your comments on this point.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Guillaume, I did consider the Canon G1X but was unimpressed by the sample photos I reviewed online. In the research I’ve done, the difference between the 1.5″ sensors and the larger APS-C sensor size is generally pretty obvious.

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