11 thoughts on “My Photos from the Andes

  1. Jack, I had followed the blog during your travels but seeing all the pictures in one collection is even more stunning. It’s quite a cohesive collection. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Poincenot Reflection…WOW! All the Fitz Roy pictures…WOW! All the panos…WOW. Great, great series, Jack. Another trip of a lifetime. How are you liking the snow in Ouray today?

  3. Really a pleasure to look through this collection, Jack! I appreciate your inclusion of some daylight shots, too. More casual light may not be eye-popping on its own, but to me it provides some balance and better sense of place in the context of a big collection like this. And it’s also good for big colorful geologic structures; I’ve definitely found in my Dinosaur National Monument geology photos that super dramatic or very warm light can obscure some very neat structures in the landscapes.

    1. Thanks Jackson! You bring up a good point – when I look at the collection it seems like an awful lot of color. It might be color overload, and it might be hard for people to realize that many of these were the most special moments/light from 15 WEEKS of photography, and don’t necessarily represent the normal experience. I think I could even add a few more daylight shots to balance it more… but maybe later…

  4. I am enjoying your blog for a couple of years now.(thanks to “The Online Photographer” by Mike Johnston, who once gave a link to your website).
    A short question: Did you only use digital cameras with TS lenses on this trip, or are some captures taken with your “old” LF film camera( probably much too heavy on such a trip)). I am asking as there are very different aspect ratios in this phantastic collection.

    1. Hi Uwe, yes these are all digital photos. With the T/S lenses, oftentimes I do shift “panos” with the lens shifted up and down, or left and right, for two shots that can be easily placed together for a square ratio, or a pano ratio.

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