Laguna 69

I am back home after my 3 week trip to Peru! Due to the huge amount of photos I took, I did not have time to post all my blog entries while I was down there, so I am going to post them in a belated fashion over the next week or so. The first one here is from a day trip to Laguna 69, a beautiful alpine lake at ~4600m elevation (~15,000 feet) in the Cordillera Blanca.

Nevado Chacraraju, Peru

Unfortunately most of our views of the high peaks that day were obscured by clouds; however, they parted for just long enough for me to snap this photo of (I think?) Nevado Chacraraju (6112m, 20,052 ft).

Laguna 69, Peru

Laguna 69, looking like a slice of paradise in a harsh, icy environment.

Next up: a heap of photos from an 11-day trek around the Cordillera Huayhuash! This one will take some time…

5 thoughts on “Laguna 69

  1. Welcome home. I know there are a lot of us “patiently” awaiting your photos. Looks and sounds like you had an unforgettable time. One week from today, I’ll be in Lake City…can’t wait to be back in the San Juans.

  2. It’s great to see you back here, Jack. And it’s way too cool that you got to trek in the Huayhuash – one of the great places on earth no doubt. The images here are fantastic – the clouds swirling around a glaciated Peruvian giant and the crazy juxtaposition at Laguna 69. When we were there our guide called it 69 lake 🙂 Great stuff and congrats on another epic!

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