Interviewed on “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” Podcast

F-Stop Collaborate and Listen

Recently I was interviewed by fellow Colorado photographer Matt Payne, on his podcast “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen”. You can look up the podcast in your favorite podcast app, or listen to it here.

I was happy that Matt invited me to participate on his podcast, since it’s one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly. The podcast is devoted to landscape and nature photography, and I love the casual interview format of each episode. I’ve been binge listing in recent months; there’s almost 3 dozen episodes up already featuring a wide variety of talented and insightful photographers. (Matt himself is a very talented and insightful photographer too!) Many of his guests are very well spoken; me – not so much! But I hope you enjoy it anyways.

2 thoughts on “Interviewed on “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” Podcast

  1. Hello Jack,

    Just listened to your interview on Matt’s podcast and checked out your work. Very prolific and beautiful indeed. Because I live in South Florida, I travel to mountainous areas all the time to photograph what I see as spectacular. Your work is awesome and I love it. Best of luck with your travels, business and life. You deserve it !

    Noel de Christian
    Landscape Photographer

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