Interview on ELFPA

An email interview with me was just published on the European Large Format Photographers Association (ELFPA) website. Check it out: Photographer Interview – Jack Brauer.

I did mention beforehand that I’m not actively shooting large format film anymore, but hopefully my responses will still be informative. One of the goals of ELFPA is to interest young people in large format photography, and I hope that my interview is not subversive to that goal!

By the way, you can view my entire collection of large format film photos here.

4 thoughts on “Interview on ELFPA

  1. And I’m reading it right now. My journey with 4×5 is just beginning- I’ve made several test shots a couple of months ago and got hooked and been patiently gathering all the necessary equipment for processing and scanning film here. Just a few steps away from it, yesterday a nice box came in with a Jobo tank and several 4×5 reels, awaiting for chemistry now.
    Will finish reading it ASAP.

  2. Jack, your humility and passion came through in spades, it’s a great interview. And it’s honest – I think the future is in digital, carrying all that heavy equipment around is just too much work for such a small difference (ask pros like Tom Till, he now shoots all digital). I personally ditched medium format for digital just for that reason, plus the usability.

    I really enjoyed reading it and I think it will serve people well. Some folks really want the large-format experience, and that’s cool, but for someone who really doesn’t know the difference, start with digital – you can always switch over, but I bet most people won’t.

    1. Thanks Chinle, I’m glad you liked the interview. There are many advantages to digital, especially the convenience, but if weight was not an issue for me, I probably would still be shooting large format!

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