Dreaming of Summer

It’s April, it’s snowing, and we still have two more months of snowboarding ahead (this is a good thing). But as each day passes I’ve been thinking more and more about summertime. Here’s a few photos from a backpacking trip I did last summer in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Colorado.

Pigeon Peak

Lily on the lookout for marmots. Lilly carries all her own stuff, and even some of my stuff too! What a team player.

Ruby Lake

Is this paradise, or what?!

Dog jumps into lake

Lily is my friends’ dog – a german shorthair. They were out of town so she got to hang with me for about 10 days – 7 of which we were out backpacking. I am the best dogsitter ever… seven days of frisbee and jumping in lakes!

Check out my gallery photos from this trip: HERE and HERE.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer

  1. Your every picture speaks the creation of God.I wonder how u capture the nature.I think everybody should have an eye like you.They all are fabulous.

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