This morning some friends and I rode a nice big line which I’ll call “Champignon” (*name changed to protect the innocent). 4-6″ of fresh powder, perhaps more blown in, on top of a soft base provided perfect conditions for hauling some serious ass. Here’s some photos (click each photo to see it bigger).

Skinning up high
Skinning up, almost to the top. In the background you can see more of our playground.

Backcountry Snowboarding
Here’s a shot of me dropping in; photo by Jon Neau. Look at all the terrain in front of me!

Backcountry Skiing Colorado
Jeff Skoloda skis some freshies.

Ski tracks
Looking back up at our tracks. On big wide open slopes like this I love carving the hugest turns possible.

2 thoughts on “Champignon

  1. Holy crap, Batman – what a fun looking day and man it looks like we are gonna be able to ski/ride for sometime! Am headed to the Elks in a couple of weeks, can’t wait. Is there a San Juan Backcountry Ski Guide?

    Oh, and where is the photo of you with the 4×5 on the top? :=)

  2. WOW,I am coming out that way in June for a week, i’m from SLC skii an snow board I think I may be comming out at the wrong time, however you have alot to do during the summer as well,when is the best time to come? I am itching to play in your snow after seeing these awsome pics!!!

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