11 thoughts on “Autumn Under the Sun

  1. Definitely a time of year that I miss in Colorado. If only Austin had some sort of Autumn it would be more bearable. Time to get some snow on those peaks!

  2. I love all your work!! I live in the midwest but love Ouray and the San Juans..looking @ your pictures helps in between visits!

  3. jack: love the photos/colors. hope to get out to see Mike and Cecily in Oct. Maybe some color will still be around.


  4. Jack
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post these wonderful fall images
    I can almost hear the cars buzzing by on HWY 550 in picture four
    Your work is inspiring for us want-to-be photographers
    and has acted as a great local hiking guide
    By the way I am certain you could publish a great photo hiking
    guide of our area with your extensive trail time, what a mountain goat you are Jack.
    BTW you have really done a great job with your new design/gallery
    John R

    John R

    1. Thanks John! Yes, I’ve often thought that it would be a fun project to make a “coffee table” guidebook with photos and descriptions of my favorite hikes and treks in the San Juans. But on the other hand, I have reservations about guidebooks in general… I kind of like it how many of the best hikes aren’t publicized!

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