Autumn Aspens on Kebler Pass

Colorado, Elk Mountains, Kebler Pass, October, Ruby Anthracite Creek, Marcellina Mountain, Raggeds Wilderness
Marcellina Dusk : Prints Available

Golden aspens glowing in the dusk light, overlooking Ruby Anthracite Creek, Marcellina Mountain, and the Raggeds Wilderness, Colorado.

Kebler Pass is easily my favorite place to enjoy the aspens in Colorado, with the largest continuous mature aspen fields in the state and perhaps the world. This October was one of the stranger autumns transitions I’ve seen in Colorado; the aspens up on Kebler went from mostly green to peak gold in just a couple days, and a few days after that the color faded away. Myself and some photographer friends who were visiting Crested Butte were lucky to do a sunset hike up near Kebler Pass on the perfect day of peak color.

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