Weminuche Loop Trek

Flint Lake, Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado

Last week I went on a five day backpacking loop hike in a remote area of the Weminuche Wilderness. Some highlights of the trip: hiking up an unknown knife-ridge in the pre-dawn darkness, enduring a lightning storm from a dubious treeline campsite near Rock Lake, being frightened by a possible (probably not) bigfoot footprint in the mud, seeing a group of horse riders dressed in full retro Daniel-Boone-style gear with muskets, and generally getting used to the monkishness of solo backpacking again.


4 thoughts on “Weminuche Loop Trek

  1. Your Weminuche trip photos are just too beautiful for words….breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes! I’ve backpacked in from the other side, the train dropoff; that whole wilderness is such a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful photos, Jack. The Weminuche is supposedly the last stronghold of grizzlies in Colorado. A group called Roundriver has done some research in there looking for them, and Doug Peacock (of “Grizzly Years” fame) says he’s found evidence there. As for Bigfoot, well, who knows? I think I’d rather run into a Bigfoot than a Grizz, though, but preferably neither. Did you see any mountain goats? Some friends had a small group visit them in the Needles recently. That would be my preference for a visit, yup, goats, nope to the big guys.

  3. These pics bring back some great memories. The Weminuchee was the first place I went backpacking in Colorado and the beauty keeps bringing me back. Thanks for posting these Jack.

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