Teton Fly By

Grand Teton Aerial Photo

On Thursday morning last week I flew out of Jackson airport and was treated to some incredible aerial views of the Tetons! I reserved a window seat (as always) and had my camera ready, but was disappointed when I realized that I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the mountains during takeoff. Soon, however, my hopes rose from the dead as the plane banked a hard left, turned around, and flew right alongside the Tetons as it gained altitude – giving me a perfect view of all the big peaks of the Teton Range. Needless to say, I was snapping photos as quickly as possible!

I could hear several other passengers gaping and wowing at the views, but what struck me as odd is how many fellow passengers I noticed seated at windows in front of me who barely glanced up from their magazines/books to look at the incredible views! I couldn’t believe it! Here we are airborne, flying right past some of the most amazing peaks in the United States, and these people hardly bother to turn their necks??!!! Do they have no souls? What were they doing in Jackson anyways? Maybe they live here and are just soooo bored of looking at the Tetons. Or on the other hand perhaps there were some killer pictures of the Tetons in the in-flight magazine…

But I digress… check out the rest of my aerial photos from the flight here.

9 thoughts on “Teton Fly By

  1. Holy crap! If you can’t turn your head for that – you’re an un-American, unworthy loser that should be forever banned from Jackson, all National Parks, voting, even going outdoors! These people need to be rounded up like feral horses and shipped somewhere – a special place for the soulless where the sun rarely shines. end of rant.

    The images are incredible, Jack! I’ll reluctantly say that the vertical Grand is my favorite, but it really doesn’t matter – this is the best series from a commercial seat since…ever!

  2. Hey Jack: guess what MY response is when I am asked to lower my window shade for the courtesy of the movie-watching passengers? 🙂 We can read and watch the tube all we want when we are home. To fly is special, and those opportunities should be used to explore our world from an uncommon vantage. I feel sorry for those who are brain-dead to the incredible world below them….

  3. Wow, just amazing!

    Have you read Teewinot by Jack Turner? Since you’re right there, you might enjoy it, a great book from the perspective of a naturalist/Exxum guide.

  4. Whenever I fly, my face is pretty much glued to the window nonstop. It’s so fascinating to experience the landscape at a whole different scale from walking or driving.

    I’ll second the Teewinot recommendation.

  5. Stunning, Jack, really stunning! Yeah, it’s hard to watch people be so indifferent to the landscape sprawled out before them when I’m on a plane. Even when I’d be flying over the flat plains of eastern Colorado I was glued to the window.

  6. Breathtaking!!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I especially love the Grand vertical and also Buck Mountain. I know the frustration of people who don’t care to look, we obviously march to different beats. I’ve flown out of Anchorage past Mt Saint Elias on the Canadian Border and still feel chills thinking of that dramatic peak and the surrounding wildderness. And flying over Greenland and all that ice while all the passengers but me were watching Titanic.

  7. WOW….would have loved to been on that flight, I would have been glued to the view….Thanks for sharing that spectacular view!

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