Summertime at Ice Lakes

Dog in Wildflowers

This weekend I went on an overnight backpacking trip to Ice Lakes Basin, in the San Juans of Colorado, along with fellow photographer Aleks Kozakowski and about 200-300 other hikers. I’ve never seen so many people in the San Juans! I guess this is the “go to” place around here now. Anyhow, no problem, the basin is big enough for everyone. The wildflowers were great, and the clouds kept rolling through offering nice lighting conditions most of the time.


3 thoughts on “Summertime at Ice Lakes

  1. Wow, the flowers are beautiful there this year, I especially liked the Parry’s Primrose and the reflections in the background………..and I really love the morning sunrise……and the morning light on the orange peaks (Vermillion, Pilot Knob?) and the wonderful reflection in the lake. Ice Lake is one of my favorite places, I first hiked there in July 69, went to the top, and saw no people except the sheepherder and his sheep! I cherished the seclusion, but know it’s not possible anymore.

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