Red Mountain Moonrise

Red Mountain, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Red Mountain Dusk : Prints Available

Dusk light atop Red Mountain 3, between Ouray and Silverton.

On Wednesday evening we hiked up to the 12,890 ft. summit of Red Mountain No. 3 to watch the sunset and the full moon rise.

Red Mountain, Brown Mountain, moonrise, november, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Red Mountain Moonrise : Prints Available

A full moon rises over Brown Mountain, as seen from the summit of Red 3, November.

As you can see we’re hurting for snow out here in the San Juans. But, the lack of snow made for a fairly easy hike up there in just our regular hiking boots and gaiters. No snowshoes necessary!

McMillan Peak, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, moonlight, november

McMillan Moonlight : Prints Available

Moonlight illuminates McMillan Peak above Red Mountain Pass, November.

It felt good to pull the camera out again and scratch that photo itch!

6 thoughts on “Red Mountain Moonrise

  1. Paul

    Sweet, Jack. The first one is classic — must not be too terrible having these mountains nearby whenever you get the itch. Is it me, or is the snowpack a little light?

  2. Justin

    Great series, Jack…really love that first shot. Where the hell is the snow?!?! I remember hiking Wetterhorn the first weekend in November of 2007 and there was a sparse covering of snow then. That winter ended up being one of the best winters for the San Juans. Hopefully the snow is on its way!

    1. Jack Brauer Post author

      Thanks Justin! Wetterhorn would probably be very doable right now even, from the Lake City side. I could see it from the top of Red 3; it looked totally dry. Anyhow, I hope the snow tap turns on soon!

  3. twoscamps

    Incredible photos. Hope this next weather system dumps some much needed snow your way! I look forward to following your blog and reveling in your stunning work. -Maureen


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