7 thoughts on “Ouray Backpack Loop

  1. Unfreakingbelievable, Jack…that first shot is one of your best in my opinion. Stunning, stunning series. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jack let me delete the comments on the photos from your last trip and add here 🙂 Very beautiful images… the one posted here is amazing…beautiful contrast and colors… looks very natural to me after the blend…. you are so lucky to see these place and capture it the way you do… !

    1. Ken – The path along that cliff is actually a regular width trail – the photo perspective just makes it look like a narrow ledge… so it’s not actually as scary as it looks, unless you’re really scared of heights!

  3. Jack,

    My friend and I would love to do that route! Any way you can give me the specific details about the trails you took, and where you pitched your tent both nights?!

  4. Wow..backpacked wetterhorn basin 1978..ready to go back next few weeks…great stuff on your site ..any other advice ? I will be solo…..

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