15 thoughts on “Ice Fest!

  1. Justin


    Ahh, the Ouray Ice Festival was one of the things I looked forward to every January! Great shot! Love the fresh snow! There is a pretty strong chance my family and I will be moving back to Colorado Springs very soon. I’m excited!

  2. Penny Brown


    Another great picture from you. Great shot! Haven’t made it to Ouray for the Ice Festival yet, but looks like we will have to make plans to attend next year.

    Again, can’t tell you how very much I enjoy your photos/work. Keep it up!

    1. Jack Brauer Post author

      Well, good question… Usually I’d rather be up in the mountains searching for fresh powder on my splitboard than standing around in a cold shady canyon! Though, with these last two crappy winters, I’m thinking it probably would be a good idea to pick up a different sport…

  3. Diogo Prisco

    Hi Jack!
    I’m from Portugal and I have been following your fantastic work in the last months.
    I can’t say what are my favourits photos, because they are all amazing!
    I’m waiting for more wonderful photos these year!

    With my best regards,
    Diogo Prisco


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