Grand Gulch Loop Hike

Cedar Mesa Kiva

Over three days and two nights this last weekend I went on a ~25 mile loop hike from Cedar Mesa in southeastern Utah. I hiked down Todie Canyon, to Grand Gulch, then out Bullet Canyon. Most of the way the hike passes through dramatic canyon scenery with vertical cliffs and dramatic rock formations. But the highlights were without doubt the numerous ancient ruins and pictographs along the way.

Check out all the photos from the Grand Gulch trek on my gallery site.

9 thoughts on “Grand Gulch Loop Hike

  1. These shots are beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing, and for explaining how you got those incredible lighting effects on the last one.

  2. These are fantastic! I was in the same area a few weeks ago – different canyons. Funny, I was hanging out at a site waiting for the light and thought to myself, “Jack would dig this place.” 😉 Still need to process more of those pics…

  3. Jack,

    Awesome series of a really mysterious place. I especially love the night shots…they seem to capture the mood and essence of this ancient place.

  4. Ahhh, the stars. Just spent 3 weeks tent camping in the Moab/Green River area, and your photos took me right back! Your Grand Gulch photos really captured the essence of that place. Thanks and totally awesome.

  5. A sweet series, Jack. I really like the two versions of the ladder and love the beam through the kiva. Oh, and the petroglyphs are killer too – so nice to see in the backcountry when they’re not defiled by morons. Awesome!

  6. Awesome series, Jack. I made it up to that area myself for the first time in 2008, and even though I didn’t get to do the kind of trip you did, I could sense that the Grand Gulch is a magical place. I fully intend on going back for the kind of trip you had, these images serve as a reminder that I need to get my rear out there. The kiva shots are sweet, and I really dig the Goosenecks image — I should have thought to stitch one like that myself.

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