Chasing Ice

3 thoughts on “Chasing Ice

  1. These kind of tragedies will continue to happen as long as human beings continue on in their selfishness. Drought, famine, disease, quickly receding glaciers, and even the bad economy…are all the result of mankind having forgotten the Golden Rule. Human beings have become selfish, self-centered, ego-driven nightmares and the animals and the environment are suffering terribly because of us. Quantum Science has proven that what we do, think, believe, and say, have an impact on the entire earth and its inhabitants. If humans want to see our world change for the better and to stop the weather patterns that are causing so much suffering, it will require more than signing bills to try and change energy policies. Mankind needs to raise their consciousness to a higher level. Every moment of every day, they need to overcome the ‘self’ the ego, and rise above it to become love, think love, and do loving acts for animals, their neighbors, and strangers…even for their enemies. Mankind has lost his way and until he finds a true desire to live in an altrustic way, the earth will continue to suffer.

  2. Thanks Jack for the extra motivation to see this on the big screen. And thanks to Alethea for your thoughtful, truthful words. Perhaps we’re nearing an environmental renaissance, a time where our collective contribution to destroying what sustains us can no longer be denied by rational, thinking, informed people. I hope so.

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