New “Mountains of the World” Screensaver!


I have just released a new Mountains of the World Screensaver to compliment my popular Mountains of Colorado Screensaver.

This downloadable screensaver features over 150 photos from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Nepal, and New Zealand.

Each photo is sized up to 2400 x 1800 pixels, so they will look great on all monitors, for Mac or Windows. Dual monitor setups are supported. You can purchase and download the screensaver here.

Updated “Mountains of Colorado” Screensaver

I’ve also updated the popular Mountains of Colorado Screensaver to a Version 3 to include larger 2400 x 1800 pixel images (up from 1800 x 1200) as well as over 30 additional new Colorado images.

You can purchase and download the Colorado screensaver here. If you are already a customer and would like to get the newest version, please email me with the email address you originally used to purchase the screensaver, and I’ll send you fresh download links.

Please note that the new screensavers have an updated and more advanced list of system requirements, so if you’re using an older computer you should probably read the requirements first to ensure that your system can run the new screensaver properly.


Eikesdalsvatnet Backdrop

Antonio Lysy
Antonio Lysy performs the Courante of the 6th Suite by Bach, with a backdrop photo projection of Eikesdalsvatnet at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

I occasionally license my photography for various uses, normally involving magazine or calendar print publications. But I thought I’d share with you one of the more unusual recent uses of my photos! Cellist Antonio Lysy recently featured a photo of mine from the fjords of Norway as a backdrop projection during his solo performance of the Bach Cello Suites at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. I’m honored that my photo was able to grace the stage behind such an accomplished musician!

Interview on the Photography Roundtable

David Johnston runs a great photography podcast called the Photography Roundtable where he discusses photography related topics with a variety of different photographers. David recently interviewed me via Skype and we discussed various topics including my background in photography, favorite places to shoot, processing techniques, gear and printing preferences, and more. Check it out here!

“Moving Mountains” 2016 Calendar Published in Germany

Weingarten 2016 calendar
“Reinhold Messner, Moving Mountains” 2016 calendar featuring photos by Jack Brauer.

I was pleased today to receive a package of calendars compliments of Weingarten, a major German calendar publishing company. They have published a 2016 calendar in Europe featuring 12 of my photos alongside inspirational quotes by the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

Maybe someday in the not-too-distant future I will even be able to read those quotes on my own without my wife’s translation help! But they sound nice, and I’m stoked that my photos were chosen to accompany the words of such a legendary mountain man. The printing quality of the large-format calendar is impressive, with an elegant design and an attractive glossy finish over the photos. Danke schön, Weingarten!

Originality in the Grand Landscape

Photography Life, a popular Colorado-based photography website, just published a guest blog post by yours truly, titled “Originality in the Grand Landscape”. In the article I attempt to explain how creativity with grand scenic photography goes beyond just framing and taking the photos; it involves the entire process including researching unique locations, coming up with original ideas to shoot, and the adventures to get to the right place at the right time. To date this is my most comprehensive attempt to illustrate my own photographic strategies, motivations, and tips, and I hope that it will provide inspiration for aspiring landscape photographers.

Read the article here:

Interview on ELFPA

An email interview with me was just published on the European Large Format Photographers Association (ELFPA) website. Check it out: Photographer Interview – Jack Brauer.

I did mention beforehand that I’m not actively shooting large format film anymore, but hopefully my responses will still be informative. One of the goals of ELFPA is to interest young people in large format photography, and I hope that my interview is not subversive to that goal!

By the way, you can view my entire collection of large format film photos here.

Mountain Bound

Cowboys and Indians magazine

Today I was happy to receive a copy of the March 2010 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine, which features an article written by Kathy Wise about me and my photography, including nine of my photos from Colorado. There’s another article in there featuring some sweet black and white Montana mountain photos by Bret Bouda, as well as a large collection of winning photos from their annual photo contest. Check it out next time you’re at the supermarket!

You read the article online here: Mountain Bound: The Photography of Jack Brauer

They also have a supplemental web exclusive interview here: Jack Brauer: behind the lens

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