12 thoughts on “Capitol Peak

  1. Unbelievable! Well done, Jack. If there were prizes, you’d be so far out in front nobody could catch you on this one. Just beautiful.

  2. Man, that’s one of your most entertaining series in awhile! This lead-in shot is off the charts with the difficulty that it takes to get to that location – in that light! I love the mood in the spire image and Capitol Lake – Hell, they’re all amazing. Great work!

  3. I’ll never forget my hike up Capitol…what a majestic area this is! ALL these shots bring back such amazing memories. This whole series is excellent, Jack. I love that you had multiple days to work with to get all the great vantage points and some spectacular light. Well done!

    1. Ha! Yeah I thought about that when I was up there… how sweet it would be to have been able to ride down in 2 minutes as opposed to 2 hours of careful hiking through the rocks and snow!

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